Quals Registration Info

Good afternoon.

We’re pleased to announce open registration for the 2013 DEF CON CTF qualifying round. The registration site can be accessed at https://2013.legitbs.net/ now.


  1. Register a user account.
  2. Decide on a team name. Everyone in the world will see this.
  3. Decide on a team password. Everyone in the world will try and guess this.
  4. Register a team with the desired team name and team password.
  5. Give your teammates the team name and team password. Do not give them your password.
  6. Wait for quals to start.

Please ask any registration questions in the DEF CON forums , or @-mention @legitbs_ctf on Twitter.

Changes for 2013

We have a new and exciting team size limitation for you! Should you qualify, your team in Vegas will be limited to eight: you won’t be allowed more than eight seats at your table. Work with us on this :) If you’ve got friends dropping by with food/booze, that’s cool. If you’ve got runners carrying flash drives back and forth between the competition area and the rest of the team holed up in hotel rooms, that’s not. We’re building fewer and harder challenges for the competition: parallelization will be of limited value, and a win with a small team is more elite anyways.

Web stuff won’t just be simple baby’s first SQLi this time. It’ll be hard, it’ll be related to real-world stuff, and we think you’ll enjoy it.

We’re dropping categories from previous years. You can leave your forensics tools at work, you’re not going to be undeleting .TGA files from FAT12 dumps this year. You don’t need to bookmark all those DEF CON history pages either, trivia is gone, and we promise to not make you answer “____ ___ ______!”

Not changed for 2013

Do go brush up on your assembly, and don’t just stop at Intel/AMD’s offerings. ARM processors are scary popular, PPC still exists lol, and who knows what other popular architectures might make a cameo. Expect to be taking over applications remotely, reverse engineering some ridiculous binaries, and writing mind bending shellcode.

More open and less ambiguous

We have a presence on the official DEF CON forums now. We won't monitor it 24/7, but as quals draws closer, we hope to answer some questions.

Additionally, you can follow @legitbs_ctf on Twitter; some of the individual businessmen have Twitter accounts too, and may (or may not) have relevant information.