Finals 2013 Public Handout

You have entered the Capture the Flag room, site of the premier head-to-head hacking competition. In front of you are the top 20 hacker teams from around the world who beat out 878 other teams in an online qualifier to make it here.

The game’s idea is simple. Attack other teams and steal their flags. Defend your system from being attacked. A balanced offense and defense will give each team the best chance to win.

Each team can see all 19 other teams on the network and may attack at any time. Each team is given multiple services that must be kept running. Each service may contain vulnerabilities which other teams can exploit to steal flags. Good defense involves finding vulnerabilities and patching them to prevent their flags from being stolen.

The current score is displayed on one of the two overhead projectors. You can see how the game is trending and if any teams have pulled away from the pack.

Similar to wild animals, the hackers should not be poked or taunted. Please leave them to their hacking. If you have a question, please come talk to a member of the hosting group, Legitimate Business Syndicate. We’re wearing the [logo] shirts.

The winner will be announced at the DEF CON closing ceremonies on Sunday evening. The winning team will receive eight black badges (lifetime DEF CON admission) and the admiration of their peers. Please join us at the ceremony in congratulating the winning team. They’ll deserve it!

Think you’re elite enough to compete? Check in the coming months for information about next year’s qualification rounds, and…

____ ___ ______!