2014 Registration and Other Announcements


We have two big announcements for you today!

Qualification Registration

Exciting news: registration is open for the 2014 DEF CON CTF season! Based on feedback from many of our international competitors, we have moved the qualifying weekend a month, to May 17-19. We hope this will help with some of the time sensitive issues of arranging for international travel to Las Vegas, should you qualify.

2014 DEF CON Capture The Flag Qualification Registration

Qualifiers will be played as previously announced, May 17-May 19, Midnight UTC to Midnight UTC. The starting time in your local time zone can be found here.

Changes for 2014

  • We have some new and exciting categories for you this year! Questions will no longer be forced into categories by type, but instead by author, with the exception of...
  • Baby's first! A whole category targeted for CTF beginners. Every question in this category is unlocked at the start of the game. Answering a question from this category will not allow board control. Hints will be available for this category.
  • Quals teams aren't size limited. Qualify with the whole group, and make difficult choices about who competes in finals!
  • Automated password resets
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Less pink!

Not changed for 2014

  • Finals teams are limited to eight total players.
  • Qualifying teams get 8 human badges, 2 hotel rooms.
  • Flags will continue to be captured using computers.

Open Up

One of our goals in building our vision the DEF CON CTF has been to be “more open”. We have opened up and released our design process, our packet captures, our finals database, and even some of our mistakes. We have made public some of the resources that generally only teams at finals get - namely the rules document, and the finals services. This is much more open than any DEF CON CTF in recent memory

We think we can do better. As our last action for the 2013 DEF CON CTF season, we're releasing many of the quals and finals services, open source, on GitHub. There are a few pieces that remain absent - these pieces involve some body of code we have intentions to reuse in future events. Please don’t bother us for these last few pieces - they’ll be released when we’re done using them for competitions.