Quals 2014 Data Dump

Good morning.

Legitimate Business Syndicate headquarters is mostly cleaned up, and we're almost recovered from the DEF CON Capture The Flag qualifiers last weekend. It's been slow, because we're still a bit shocked, amazed, and otherwise floored at how well you all played.

We're working through the results and pre-qualifying events right now, and as part of that, we're releasing our scoreboard data. Much like last year's release, this includes leaderboard and challenge data in JSON format. It also includes team information, a bit of user information, and detailed information about who solved what, when. Most of this information is not just in JSON, but human-readable HTML, and with a public-domain/CC0 license, so you can do whatever you want. We think you'll love it.

Scoreboard Data Dump, with cryptographic signature by Vito.

News and information about our competition at DEF CON is forthcoming; we're still confirming with competing teams and the DEF CON organizers, but we will definitely be running DEF CON CTF August 8-10, 2014.