Quick Quals Qupdate

The DEF CON CTF 2016 qualifying contests are going very well. Here's where we are:

Contest Dates Notes
DEF CON CTF 2015 May 16 - Aug. 9 2015 Qualified DEFKOR
HITCON CTF Oct. 17 - Dec. 6 2015 Qualified blue-lotus
RuCTFE Nov. 21, 2015 Qualified StratumAuhuur
SECCON CTF Dec. 5 2015 - Jan. 31 2016 First place team already qualified
32C3 CTF Dec. 27 - 29 2015 Qualified pasten
Boston Key Party Mar. 4 - 6 2016 Qualified HITCON
PlaidCTF Apr. 15 - 17, 2016 Qualified LC↯BC
0CTF Mar. 12 - Apr. 24, 2016 First place team already qualified
DEF CON CTF 2016 Qualifiers May 21 - 23, 2016 Online Jeopardy style, qualifying eight teams
DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge Aug. 4, 2016 All-machine competition, on-site in Las Vegas


We made the difficult decision to not accept any qualifying teams from these contests. While both contests went spectacularly well, the first-place teams from both contests were already qualified for DEF CON CTF Finals. Since both games had very few teams in their finals slate, and scores dropped off so sharply after first place, we've decided to not accept second or third place teams from these events.

Legitimate Business Syndicate has nothing but the complete and utmost respect for the SECCON CTF and 0CTF organizers: we know exactly how hard it is to run CTF games, and score them fairly. We hope to promote and work with them again in the future.

Quals are Coming

DEF CON CTF Qualifiers start on May 21, at the stroke of Midnight UTC, and run for 48 hours. We are planning on having a "Baby's First" category of approachable problems for hackers of all skill levels, and the usual slate of harder challenges that'll make you sweat, cry, and binge-drink your hacking beverages of choice.

Register today, or any time during the game.

Cyber Grand Challenge

We're excited to see what happens with the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge Final Event at DEF CON. If you're interested in learning more about it, check out our CGC For Hackers series, that we will be adding to on the road to Vegas.