Everyone at Legitimate Business Syndicate is heartbroken over the passing of our teammate and friend Selir.

Selir was one of the most dedicated members of our group. Whether it was lengthy work sessions or late nights babysitting servers in a surprisingly cold CTF room, Selir was always committed to making sure things worked well.

His frightening competence was also beyond valuable. All of the technical parts of running our games had Selir’s hands in them. Selir worked on making sure quals challenges were easy and reliable to deploy and run, basically all the networking, making sure cLEMENCy had ROP chains available, and wrote some of the most beloved CTF challenges ever fielded.

Selir made sure everyone felt welcome and part of the team, and was a joy to be with. When he was the voice of reason, it was from the heart. When troubleshooting and explaining a mistake, it was kind and thoughtful.

We’re thankful for the time we got to spend with you, Selir, and we only wish there was more of it. We are less legit without you.